Our dedicated teachers will enrich your yoga practice and let you feel a transformative experience.

Stephanie’s introduction to yoga came in 2003, after hearing of all the benefits of yoga from her aunt.  She was searching for a way to relieve anxiety and yoga more than exceeded her expectations.  A couple of years later, she became a Barkan Method certified teacher.

Students benefit from her eclectic knowledge of various yoga styles, as she draws from various traditions and modalities tailoring it to fit the needs of the class.  Her main area of expertise is the hot vinyasa flow. Her classes are challenging,yet leave students feeling relaxed and renewed.  Each class is always a little different than the last. Why does Stephanie teach yoga? It’s because of the students, the yoga community, and the self-awareness that it brings.  Being of service, and helping people improve the functioning of their body, is one of the main joys of teaching. Off the mat, Stephanie loves to snowboard and to run outdoors.


Debbie started practicing yoga in 2008 in her hometown of Brisbane, Australia. She was looking for a safe, natural and sustainable way to relieve back pain, improve strength and flexibility. In 2014, Debbie attended a transformative yoga retreat in California where she experienced the many other facets of yoga, including personal empowerment, spiritual connectedness, and above all, self-acceptance. Debbie completed her teacher training in 2015. She continues to expand her knowledge, having completed courses in the Roll Model Method by Yoga Tune Up® and Restorative Yoga. Debbie hopes to inspire others to develop a deeper connection with their practice by letting go of negative “stuck” energy, and finding kindness, gratitude and joy from within.


Yvonne lives Yoga every day having cultivated a commitment to her practice both through meditation and asana practice. She started out in the Martial Arts receiving black belts in Karate, Kobudo and Tai Chi and shortly after received her teacher’s certificate for teaching Yoga.  She sees the body as energy and having explored the element of energetic flow understands the benefits of re energizing our bodies.  As we create lines of energy through the body, we also create space through the joints and spine and as our bodies open, our minds begin to open.  She understands that balance comes from a calm and focused mind and she therefore sees yoga as food for the body and soul.  She encourages the students to bow to the deepest teachings within themselves, revealing their inner light. One who looks outside dreams, one who looks inside awakens.  She looks forward to continuing her journey with her students and is thankful for the path that lies ahead.


The empowering effects of transformation, awakening, healing draws Esero to practice yoga. It builds strength but also softness, it demands effort but delivers surrender, it enhances confidence but creates humility,. For him, each practice is a journey full of self-discovery, awareness and adventure.His classes are dynamic, fun, challenging and full of positive energy. He encourages students to connect breath to movement, focus on alignment, bring awareness to the present moment and explore with their edge safely to release themselves from self-imposed limitations and move deeper into their personal practice. His enthusiasm and passion for the practice brings an energetic presence to his dynamic, creative and fun sequences cultivating and empowering student's to discover and explore their unique abilities, strength and power.He hopes to help others deepen their practice cultivating individual well-being, and encourage students’ individual yoga practice to blossom. Feel empowered and join him to discover and explore yourself, your breath, your strength, your abilities,  and get connected.


Back issues drove me to explore the benefits of yoga and I have been hooked ever since.  Having been active my whole life - being a former ballet dancer and figure skater, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give yoga a try.  Little did I know the benefits would be more than physical.  I’ve been practicing yoga for about 6 years now, and am always looking to improve on my sequences, postures and teaching skills from my students and other teachers.  

Students will come to focus on finding that connection of breath with movement.  My hope is for my students to leave feeling a positive difference in their body – physically and mentally.  

I can’t wait to see where yoga takes me and my body in the future.   We are forever students to a beautiful practice.


Franca is a passionate lover of life who enjoys helping people transform their lives through yoga. Franca started practicing yoga as a way to relax and unwind when her children were very young. Her passion intensified and decided to become certified. Franca deepened her knowledge which strengthened her own practice. She knows the benefits of yoga, and believes that no matter what life presents her, she has the knowledge and the right attitude to deal with anything. She is happy and willing to contribute this blessing with the universe. 


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Yoga's capabilities to heal, transform, calm, strengthen and the other countless benefits of yoga on and off the mat led Karla to become passionate of the practice. Her passion has become a driving force in her everyday life.


She teaches with gentleness, creativity and sensitivity either in hot yoga or relaxing restorative and hatha. She also enjoys the deep hip opening Yin yoga and the playful kids’ yoga class. In her class, she focuses on encouraging students to cultivate awareness, to balance effort and surrender, to find your strength without ego, judgement or expectation.  She encourages self-discovery, playfulness and exploration of one’s potential with constant curiosity. She believes that anyone can create a journey through the inner soul and through the body. She looks forward to being a part of your journey.


Alyana has been trained in Hatha yoga at Infinite Yoga studio. Her first hot yoga class was in 2008 and she has been a practitioner ever since. From doing yoga, she noticed a difference in her own posture, flexibility, muscle strength and overall fitness. As a teacher, she sees how individuals have improved in their yoga practices, both physically and spiritually. This inspires her to teach others and to grow in her own practice. She acknowledges that she still has a lot to learn about yoga and about her own self. She believes that the practice of yoga is the most effective physical activity because it doesn’t focus on the number of exercises one does. Rather, it focuses on the needs of the body of each individual. This principle is the basis of each of Alyana’s classes. She encourages her students listen to and be comfortable in their bodies.



Ruth practices hot yoga regularly. She discovered the benefits of yoga a few years ago while trying to find an alternative approach to alleviate the chronic pain from a sciatic condition experienced by her sister. The sciatic pain has become minimal and more manageable. Since then, Ruth has fully embraced the practice and has been a strong advocate encouraging family members, friends and colleagues to experience for themselves the physical and mental benefits that yoga has offered and brought her.She shared this passion with her good friend Karla and together has embarked on this wonderful journey of bringing the discipline of yoga to as many people as possible.


"Sharing our knowledge and talent, our passion and gift is our legacy"


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