Our Mission, Vision and Aspiration


Serenity in our lives and Balance in our well being hold us in closer Harmony with the creative energies that surrounds us. Following the discipline of yoga brings positive results in achieving oneness of mind and body.


At Infinite Yoga, we are dedicated to supporting your journey of self-discovery and exploring your strength, power and inner self. We are committed to providing a warm, safe, friendly, and supportive environment.


Mission: To enrich student’s practice through our team of dedicated and qualified teachers. By offering different yoga classes, students can choose to practice whatever is suitable for them in whatever stage they are in. The classes will either challenge the students or offer students opportunity to explore fully their chosen practice.


Aspiration: To instill in each student a sense of respectfulness for each other's physical and mental limitations and bring out one’s compassionate nature so that we can all tap into this positive and creative energy that will transcend beyond our practice and into our daily lives.


Vision: To facilitate the regular practice of yoga that will enrich student’s lives in a positive way to bring about union of mind and body and overcome physical and mental boundaries.


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