How to prepare for a class

What do I wear?
Comfortable clothing, like jogging pants, a T-shirt or Dear Lil' Devas Yoga Wear, will help you move and bend with freedom.


Do I need a yoga mat?

Yoga in the Workplace can provide mats for first time students, but we suggest you bring your own magic carpet- you'll want to invest in your personal space. Jade Yoga Mat are Obama's White House pick, but you can find inexpensive yoga mats at Winners or most sports boutiques.


Should I eat before class? 

Wait until after yoga to have your lunch, but come to your lesson well hydrated. Please eat a light snack if you feel you need to- we don't want anyone fainting out of hunger.  


No scents please. Yoga in the Workplace staff and some of our students are sensitive to scented creams, shampoos, and other toiletries that have a fragrance.

It’s fun to be the center of attention. In your private session you will always get to be the star of the show.  Yoga was originally passed down directly from master teachers who worked one-on-one to individualize a practice for each student based on their health, body type and lifestyle.  Your skillful YogaWorks teacher can do the same.

Some Benefits of Private Yoga:

  • Schedule regular sessions at times most convenient for your hectic lifestyle

  • Address a specific health issue like insomnia or low back pain

  • Learn postures to help step your golf game or triathalon times up a notch

  • Work towards mastering a challenging posture (like headstand or lotus)

  • Learn a custom sequence that you can practice at home

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