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"A journey of a thousand miles starts in front of your feet." Lao-Tzu

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When the journey begins

The practice of yoga brings us a better understanding of how our mind integrates with our body. We begin to explore our body's limitation and connect with our inner self to fit into the posture. This is where we begin the journey of self-discovery.


Serenity ... Balance ... Harmony ...

Serenity in our lives and balance in our well being hold us in closer harmony with the creative energies that surrounds us. Following the discipline of yoga brings positive results in achieving oneness of mind and body.

At Infinite Yoga, we are dedicated to supporting your journey of self-discovery and exploring your limitations to connect with your natural health and vitality. We are committed to providing a warm, safe, friendly, and supportive environment respectful of the yoga space of practice.

Mission: To enrich studentís practice through our team of dedicated and qualified teachers. By offering different yoga classes, students can choose to practice whatever is suitable for them in whatever stage they are in. The classes will either challenge the students or offer students opportunity to explore fully their chosen practice.

Aspiration: To instill in each student a sense of respectfulness for each other's physical and mental limitations and bring out oneís compassionate nature so that we can all tap into this positive and creative energy that will transcend beyond our practice and into our daily lives.

Vision: To facilitate the regular practice of yoga that will enrich studentís lives in a positive way to bring about union of mind and body and overcome physical and mental boundaries.



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 Teacher's Training

Infinite yoga teachers training is designed not only a chance to become a certified teacher but for you to gain an understanding and learn the many layers of yoga, deepen and advance your practice, grow deeply within yourself, develop confidence and find your own unique voice of becoming a teacher.

Our training program emphasizes the importance about living your yoga on and off your mat with integrity, the ability to share from the heart passionately, teach skillfully and compassionately and  to inspire others.

The 250 hours program is designed not only a chance to become a certified yoga teacher but for you to gain an understanding and learn the many layers of yoga, deepen and advance your practice and grow deeply within yourself. It offers great richness in materials starting with a firm foundation in yoga history, philosophy, and anatomy. Explore different asanas, their physical alignment, variations and modifications to safely and effectively teach the pose to students. Learn the principles of sequencing, plan and design classes. Youíll discover how to use body language, how to adjust students, and how to create a space where people feel comfortable to be open and grow in yoga. Youíll learn postureís name (in English and Sanskrit), benefits for the body, and how to safely and effectively teach the pose to students. You will have opportunities to lead a class and find your own unique voice so you develop your confidence.

Our training program also emphasizes the importance about living your yoga on and off your mat with integrity, the ability to share from the heart passionately, teach skillfully and compassionately and to inspire others.

For more information, visit or call the studio.


Practice yoga with your Colleagues/Friends

       We can bring yoga at your office or we can do private classes for your company or with your group at the studio. Inquire at the front desk.


Yoga Bootcamp

Do you enjoy a good cardio and would you like to lose weight, tone and strengthen your body at the same time feel relax after the class? Are you ready to sweat and feel the burn. This bootcamp class is invigorating, fun, challenging and packed with strengthening, conditioning, cardio, toning, and core movements to strengthen and tone your entire body.  It is a total body/mind/spirit to take your fitness to a new level while providing a fresh practice. This is the kind of class where you will feel and see immediate results with continued practice combined with our other yoga classes. 

Date: Sept 27 - Oct 25
Day/Time: Saturday @ 8:00 am
                 Tuesday @ 6:45 pm
                 Thursday @ 6:45 pm
Cost: $150 ($135.00 Early Registration by Sept 15)


Cross Training Yoga (New Class)

This class is specifically aimed for athletes where they are in sports or other fitness practice that consist of side to side movements , rotation, running and high body impact. Athletes who are involved in hockey, soccer, football, basketball, marathon, boxing, jiu-jitsu/grappling, Judo, wrestling and other sports can improve their overall performance in this cross training yoga class. It is perfect for athletes who want to challenge and improve themselves, build stamina, strength, endurance, increase flexibility and expand their limits at the same time cultivate a sense of mental focus, stability, balance and calmness.

This class is also for yogis who enjoy challenge and a cardio class that prepares for more advanced postures and gets your practice to the next level.

    Introductory Cross Training Pass:  5 classes for $75 or drop-in
    When: Monday and Thursday @ 4:00 pm

    ** Please note: This class is open for drop-ins or for Cross Training Pass holders only.

Lunch Break Yoga (Regular Temperature - New Class)

Either you are on your lunch break or just starting your day, take time to regain some mid-day energy and recharge for the rest of the day on this regular non-heated class! On each class you will be guided through yoga postures and breathing exercises to improve balance, alignment, focus and to strengthen your entire body to help you energize, relieve tension and stress. Take some time to move and stretch away from your desk or office and join us to a Lunch Break Yoga for 45 minutes.

 Lunch Break Yoga Pass:  5 classes for $50
 When: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday @ 12:15 pm
 ** Please note: This class is open for drop-ins or for Lunch Break Pass holders only.


$8.00 Drop In Classes

      For those who can not commit to a regular pass, we are making it more accessible for you to practice more often.  we will be having $8.00 classes on the following days/times:

         Monday @ 8:00 pm
         Wednesday @ 8:00 pm
         Friday @ 6:45 pm


Yoga for Seniors

Senior years or retirement is the perfect time to pick up healthy habits that will promote longevity. This class combines elements of Gentle Hatha Yoga - moderate stretching and peaceful breathing to bring you to a gentle moving meditation and balance. Yoga will enable you to maintain or improve your strength,  flexibility, range of motion and balance, as well as to calm your mind and refresh your spirit.

This class will be offered in November. Each class will be limited only to a small group so there's plenty of opportunity to interact with the teacher and for the class to be tailored to the needs and interests of the group. To register, call or visit the studio.

Series of 5 classes: $80 + HST
Drop-In class:        $20


New Member Offer (For Anyone who has not been to the studio before)

      $25.00 for One Week Unlimited Pass

Early Morning Hot Yoga Class

Rise and shine to set the tone for your day with this invigorating flow practice to prepare the body and keep you energize. We'll start out with gentle movements to wake up the muscles, work into a flow to build heat, find our foundation in standing/balancing poses and then do some inversions/arm balancing to remember to have fun! This is a well-rounded class, if you like challenge, diversity and you like to sweat a lot, join us and wake up with this natural dose of caffeine.

When: Thursday
Time: 6:45 am


Yoga Teachers
If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Energy Exchange Program
Our energy exchange program allows you to work at the studio in exchange for free classes. If interested, fill an application form at the studio. 




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